Douglas A20 Boston / Havoc
Plane type & model Medium bomber (A20G) Concepted in 1936 as a new generation light bomber, the Douglas DB-7 demonstrated itself to be very modern for its times. But while the USAAC wasnt interested in this project, the Douglas commenced to export the plane , selling the first 100 planes to France. Modified to fullfil the French prerequisites, the DB-7 was sent to first line in 60 exemplars, but only 12 effectively engaged combat before the armistice. The Great Britain adopted the remanants of the planes of the French ordering, that entered service as Boston Mk.1. The project was modified in many variants ( training, night-interception, ground attack, recon). The plane, with the name of A-20 Havoc within the USAAF, engaged combat on all fronts of war.
Length 14,63 m ; 48,13 Ft
Height 5,36 m ; 17,63 Ft
Wingspan 18,69 m ; 61,48 Ft
Wing Area 43,2 sq m ; 51,67 sq Yds
Engine 2 Wright R-2600-23 Cyclone 14 radial (1622 CV)
Weapons 9x12,7 mm mg. , up to 1814 kg of bombs
Empty Weight 7250 Kg ; 16004 Lbs
Max Weight 12338 Kg ; 27236 Lbs
Top Speed 510 Km/h ; 317 MpH
Ceiling 7620 m ; 25065,79 ft
Range 3200 Km ; 1989 mi
First flight 26th October 1938
N° built 7385
Versions built 25
Used by n countries 10
Crew 4
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