Avia B.135 Lyastovica
Plane type & model Monoplane fighter Designed as a successor of the obsolete Avia B.534, Avia B.135 is an outstanding fighter for its time. In 1938 this czehoslovakian plane was equal in combat value to the famous Messershmitt Bf 109 and Supermarine Spitfire Mk. I. In 1938 Bulgarian government was intendet to establish and develop a production of contemporary and most capable fighter for Royal Bulgarian Airforce needs. Avia B.135 was the choice in this direction.
The order of Avia B.135 included 12 units of this plane and 50 additional complete set of details. As all of czehoslovakian planes in RBAF, Avia B.135 was ordered before the german occupation. After it, germans canceled the production of Avia B.135 in Czehoslovakia. at Messershmitt Bf 109 expense.
Therefore in Bulgaria only 12 units of this excellent fighter was supplied. All of them was assembled in State Airplane Factory in Lovech, unfortunately without the cannon armament, which was projected in the initial design of Avia B.135. Therefore these 12 units was in use such as advanced trainers only.
Despite the shortage of cannon armament, in 1944 captain Krastyo Atanassov, who was a training instructor, achieved a victory against an american bomber Consolidated B-24 Liberator.This victory remain a sole for this amaising fighter plane in the whole WW II..
In Bulgarian Airforce Avia B.135 was left in use untill 1947, when everyone units was destroyed as a targets of the ground attack plane Ilyushin Il-2.

Infos took from
Length 8,62 m ; 28,36 Ft
Height 2,7 m ; 8,88 Ft
Wingspan 10,85 m ; 35,69 Ft
Wing Area 17 sq m ; 20,33 sq Yds
Engine 1 Avia/Hispano-Suiza 12Ycrs (860 CV)
Weapons 1 x 20 mm cannon (project) 2 x 7,92 mm Vickers-Zbrojowka
Empty Weight 2063 Kg ; 4554 Lbs
Max Weight 2462 Kg ; 5435 Lbs
Top Speed 550 Km/h ; 342 MpH
Ceiling 9500 m ; 31250 ft
Range 940 Km ; 584 mi
First flight 1938
Versions built NOT AVAILABLE
Used by n countries 2
Crew 1
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