Mikoyan Gurevich MIG1 /MIG3
Plane type & model Monoplane fighter (MiG-3) The tecnical office MiG, created in 1938 with the beginning of the collaboration between Artem Mikoyan and Mikhall Gurevich, originated in 1939 to the project of a new fighter for the Russian AF that distinguished itself from the previous models and that will influenced the Russian projects during the WW2. The MiG-1 , developed from the prototypes I-61 and I-63 with a different motorization, had a low-profile wing, retractile landing gear and liquid-cooled inline engine.This project had some evident faults ( unstable and low-ranged ) , and was built only in 100 exemplars, poorly utilized. The plane was then modified, introducing with the MiG-3 a new cockpit, rotor, wing-roots, weapons, armor and fuel tank. Even if the base fault wasn´t handled with these improvements( the tail areas were too near the wings), the MiG-3 was built in 3300 exemplars until 1942.
Length 8,25 m ; 27,14 Ft
Height 3,5 m ; 11,51 Ft
Wingspan 10,2 m ; 33,55 Ft
Wing Area 17,44 sq m ; 20,86 sq Yds
Engine 1 Mikulin AM-35A (1350 CV)
Weapons 1 12,7mm MG; 2 7,62mm MG ; 200 Kg of bombs or rockets
Empty Weight 2595 Kg ; 5728 Lbs
Max Weight 3350 Kg ; 7395 Lbs
Top Speed 640 Km/h ; 398 MpH
Ceiling 12000 m ; 39473,68 ft
Range 1195 Km ; 743 mi
First flight 5th April 1940
N° built 3422
Versions built 3
Used by n° countries 1
Crew 1
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